7-177, Radha Nagar, Suncity, Bandlaguda.
Plot No.106, Sector 2, Alkapur Township, Puppalguda, Manikonda, Hyderabad 500075

Prerana is a name synonymous with quality and innovative education. As an education provider, we have broken the barriers of regular classroom education replacing it with a more realistic, experimental, retentive and a practical approach, resulting in better informed, smart children and satisfied, happy parents. In our experience we have noted that there is nothing as a minimum age for children’s learning, they learn and pick up as and when they see and interact. This is the precise reason why we give full attention even to our 2-year-olds, so learning is never stopped or ignored. We have a dedicated Nursery, Pre-primary as well as a Playschool in Suncity and Alkapoor township. We help encourage and build their learning and interactive skills, which will help them to polish their way as confident, well-educated individuals in the future.

Learning at Prerana

Pre-Primary Pedagogy with confluence of experimental methodology and right doses of technology. Child experiences our classrooms not as class rooms but as rooms of learning.

  • Curriculum integrating world famous approaches to Early Childhood Education.
  • Use of arts as a symbolic language for learning and imagination.
  • An environment rich in possibilities that encourages exploration, inquiry and problem-solving skills, enhanced with the use of a myriad of teaching aids.
  • Learning through sensory experiences involving touching, moving, listening, seeing, hearing and other fun activities.
A) Course Options

Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Programme focuses on creating a secure, stimulating, and nurturing learning environment, in which our students can develop through structured play activities, practical art and craft, games, interaction, and imaginative play.

Pre-kindergarten (Iris Tots, Iris Nursery) & Kindergarten (Iris Junior, Iris Senior)

Literacy Art/Craft
Numeracy Physical education
General Awareness

Primary School (Grade1-Grade4)

English Computer Science
Mathematics Art/Craft
EVS Physical education
Social Studies Club Activities
B)  Iris Unique Collaborations

Waterford – Early Learning Literacy Program
School Cinema – Life skill Program
Premier Sport – PE Program

C) Extra Curricular/After School Activities

Aero modeling
Science Hands on Practice

How to enroll your child?

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